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iRecord Music  

iRecord Music is a multi-function USB device and the only audio recorder that can directly record to an iPhone, all iPods including iPod touch and other portable media players with a touch of a button. No computer or complicated software required.

It records from any analog audio source including CD/DVD player, cassette player, LP, microphone, internet radio, VCR, PVR/DVR, cable/satellite TV box, TV and even a computer. It supports lossless audio recording formats such as FLAC, WAV beside MP3 and AAC compression.

iRecord Music is a multi-functional device with a built-in storage of 2GB. It has a number of use-cases including the following:

1) Recorder:

  • Analog audio recording: Hook up to any analog audio source to record the contents to an external USB device or to the internal storage of iRecord Music.

  • Legacy capture: Digitize your favorite music collection, including cassette tapes and LPs, to enjoy listening to them on your iPod or any other MP3 player.

  • Streaming audio recorder: Record Internet radio broadcasts either from the laptop or radio itself with the touch of a button.

  • Live recording: Record lectures, speeches, meetings, conversations, and Podcasts, using the built-in microphone.

2) Media sharing device: Transfers with a touch of a button the internally stored audio contents to an attached MP3 Player (media-kiosk functionality).

3) USB mass storage device: When connected to a computer (PC/Mac) through the client USB port, iRecord Music appears as a standard USB flash drive for data transfer.

4) Player:
iRecord Music is also a basic MP3 player.




* iRecord Music must be powered by 5V DC power adapter to record to external USB devices and for media sharing.  
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