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iRecord Pro-D Desktop  

iRecord Pro Desktop

iRecord Pro Duplicator Desktop is a powerful PC and Mac (Intel based) tool for iRecord Pro-D. It enables iRecord Pro-D to be connected to a PC and Macintosh through its USB device port and manages the various operations such as recording analogs AV contents to PC/Mac hard drive, configuring recording parameters for standalone operation and firmware upgradation.


iRecord Desktop for Mac


For Mac


iRecord Desktop for Windows


For Windows



iRecord-PC utility enables direct recording to a PC/Mac hard drive via USB device port.

            Step 1 - Connect to an analog AV source.
            Step 2 - Power on iRecord Pro.
            Step 3 - Connect PC, Laptop or Macintosh.
            Step 4 - Launch iRecord-PC.
  • Recording formats and resolutions can be selected.
  • Pause recording.
  • FLAC lossless audio recording.
  • Various recording options such as scheduled recording & recording duration time (open for iPods only), album/artist name and recording folder can be set.
  • User can watch/listen to the video/audio being recorded through preview function.
  • Recording can be simultaneously watched from a remote PC through live streaming using QuickTime®.

Please read the iRecord Desktop User Manual for further details and other options available.



iConfigure -> Device Settings set the default parameters in iRecord Pro-D flash.

Device Settings:
  • Enable auto power off
  • Enable track splitting
  • FLAC lossless audio recording
  • Progressive download format
  • Set video recording format and resolution
  • Set the bit rate for audio recordings
  • Set maximum frame rate 1 - 30 fps

Please read the iRecord Pro-D Desktop User Manual for further details and other options available.

  • The iRecord Pro-D platform is subject to a continuous improvement plan where new functions, features and support for new devices are made available to existing users through software upgrades.

  • iRecord Desktop simplifies the process of locating, downloading and installing updates to iRecord Pro-D Desktop and the iRecord firmware.

Further details are provided in the iRecord Desktop User Manual.


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