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iRecord Music supports MP3, AAC, FLAC and WAV audio formats making it compatible with almost any MP3 player and portable media players (PMP). It can record directly to iPhones, iPads, iPods (upto iOS4). Also records to USB flash drives and USB hard drives. It also has 2GB of internal storage which can be used for recording. The internal recordings can later be synced to a PMP directly. The built-in microphone can be used to record memos, meetings and lectures. Besides being an audio recorder, it is a basic audio player with support for stereo headphone. It can be used as a USB flash drive as well. iRecord Music is powered by a removable battery cap containing a rechargeable battery, an external power adapter or a computer.


Time Shifting in iRecord Pro

Record directly to a portable media player

Record Music records directly to iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPod touch, iPods (Nano, Shuffle and Classic), Nokia smart phones, Creative Zen , San Disk Sansa and many more MP3 players. Playback is available as soon as recording is stopped. No computer is involved in between.

To record directly to an external media device, connect it to the USB host port of iRecord Music and press the record button to start recording. Press record button again to stop recording.

iRecord Music can record audio from any device that has line out audio jacks. This makes iRecord Music compatible with thousands of devices including televisions, cable and satellite set-top boxes, satellite and internet radio, DVD/CD players and home audio systems.

iRecord Music has 2GB of built-in storage as well which can be used for audio/music recordings. The recordings can later be transferred to the media device of your choice or a computer. The recordings are also available for your immediate use via iRecord Music's playback feature.

Copyright Notice
1. It is illegal to record from DVDs or other copyrighted works that you do not own. Copyright laws vary from country to country, you should check your country's copyright laws before recording any copyrighted works.


Live Encoding with iRecord Pro

Digitize your old music collection & audio recordings in one easy step

iRecord Music lets you capture and archive precious audio recordings, out of print vinyl albums and audio cassettes. Create digital audio files that you can archive to CD, or play on the media device of your choice.

Connect line-out from your turntable, tape deck, to line-in of iRecord Music. To record to the internal storage of iRecord Music, just press the record button. To record directly to an external media device such as iPod etc. connect it to the host port of iRecord Music and press the record button to start recording. Press the record button again to stop recording.

A 3-position slider switch enables recording level adjustment for desired volume. The recommended settings when recording from a audio input are as follows:

            Low (L): For DVD/CD player line-out sources
            High (H): For portable audio sources and LP & cassette players
            Mid (M) : For other audio sources

The headphone out of iRecord Music lets you monitor recordings as they are going on, and the 3 position slider switch allows you to adjust volume settings accordingly.

Place Shifting in iRecord Pro

Record internet radio broadcasts
iRecord Music lets you record internet radio stations, audio broadcasts, or any audio being played on your computer. No computer resources are used, for recording your favorite music or talk shows, letting you get on with your work at full speed.

Plug iRecord Music into your PC/Mac/Laptop USB port just like any USB flash drive, attach the audio-out jack of your laptop to audio-in port of iRecord Music and press the record button. The stream is encoded by iRecord Music and contents are stored in its internal flash memory.

Once the recording session is complete, you can transfer the recordings to the computer or to an external media device. Pull out iRecord Music safely from the computer and plug in again to let it become a USB flash drive. You can now copy the recordings to your computer.




Time Shifting in iRecord Pro

Sharing music and more with family and friends

Sharing music with family and friends has never been made easier! With a touch of a button, iRecord Music syncs it's internally stored contents to an attached USB device, be it your favorite PMP, MP3 player or a USB flash drive.

To transfer the recordings from iRecord Music to PMP / MP3 player, simply attach it to iRecord Music USB host port and power on iRecord Music. Press the Record button. All files present in the internal storage will be transferred to your Music player automatically.





Legacy Capture

Capture live events

iRecord Music is a great solution for recording memos, meetings, speeches, lectures, or for preparing podcasts to make it available immediately to a wide audience.

Just use the built-in microphone of iRecord Music to create speech files, in the internal flash memory that you can listen to immediately, transfer to a mobile device, upload to the internet for distribution, or archive. 

The iRecord Music unique battery module provides the portability feature.



Transcoding with iRecord

MP3 Player
Besides being a recorder, iRecord Music is also a basic MP3 Player. Use the headphone out to listen to recordings recorded to the internal flash memory of iRecord Music.

Press record button to start playing. iRecord Music will play the recorded contents sequentially. While playing a track, pressing the record button skips to the next song.

USB Flash Drive
When iRecord Music is attached to a computer by itself, it becomes a standard USB flash drive with storage of 2GB at your disposal.

iRecord Music also charges your portable media player (PMP) while recording. In fact, only connecting it will start the charging process.

There is no need to buy a separate charger. Charge your portable media player (PMP) or smart phone while connected to iRecord Music via its USB host port.


  * iRecord Music must be powered by 5V DC power adapter to record to external USB devices and for media sharing.


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