iRecord Pro Personal Media Recorder for iphone 3G, iPod touch, iPod, PSP, MP3, USB


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iRecord Pro (PMR-200 Baseline)
Advanced Personal Media Recorder
  - iOS 11 compatible
  - Up to D1 (720x480) resolution
  - All iPhone models
  - iPod touch and other iPods



iRecord Pro (PMR-201 iPad enabled)
Baseline features plus:
  - iPad, iPad Mini supported firmware



iRecord Pro + (PMR-202)
For Business & Professional applications 
  - iPad support plus: 
    o No Watermarking 
    o Configuration parameters stored in flash abcs abx automatically



iRecord Pro * (PMR-203)
For Business & Industrial applications 
  - iRecord Pro+ features plus: 
    o Records in Camera Roll for MMS 
    o Video frame-rate control 
    o Also records in progressive download format

Note: For iOS6, to use the built-in ‘Camera’ application after performing recordings with iRecord, the iOS device needs to be powered ON/OFF. iRecord Pro*'s "Recording in Camera Roll" feature is not supported for iOS 9 onwards.



iRecord Pro-D 
iRecord Pro Duplicator features are: 
   - Records directly to multiple USB devices sssssimultaneously including iPad, iPhone, USB sssshard disks and flash drives
   - Video frame-rate control
   - Also records in progressive download format 
   - USB hub included



iRecord Music (PMR-300)
Personal Music /Audio Recorder
   - iPads, iPhones & iPods (iOS4 compatible)
   - Music & voice recorder 
   - Media sharing device 
   - USB mass storage device 
   - MP3 player


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iRecord (PMR-100)
Basic personal media recorder 
  - QVGA (320x240) resolution 
  - Classic iPods


(Currently Out of Stock)


. Add-0n Firmwares for iRecord Pro (PMR-20x)   Price

iOS 11 compatible firmware for iRecord Pro models

- Makes your iRecord Pro (PMR-20x) iOS 11 compatible



iPad compatible firmware for iRecord Pro (Baseline)

- Makes your iRecord Pro (PMR-20x) iPad compatible



Samsung Galaxy (MTP) compatible firmware for iRecord Pro models

  - Makes your iRecord Pro (PMR-20x) MTP devices compatible




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