iRecord Pro Personal Media Recorder for iphone 3G, iPod touch, iPod, PSP, MP3, USB
   iRecord Pro Firmware

iRecord Pro Firmware 2.0.7
October 04, 2012 

The iRecord Pro firmware 2.0.x now supports iOS6 iDevices.   
1) AV sync problem fix for PC/MAC recording
2) iOS 6 support fix for iPad
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* iOS6 firmware upgrade is required for users not having iOS6 compatible iRecord Pro. Click here to order.
** iPad add-on firmware is required for users not having iPad compatible iRecord Pro. Click here to order.
*** To configure the Samsung Galaxy android devices with iRecord Pro, download 'iRecord_Config_MTP.txt' file.  Click here to download.


    iRecord Pro Desktop

iRecord Pro Desktop 3.0.2 (For windows)      
August 08, 2012

iRecord Pro Desktop is a powerful PC tool for iRecord Pro. It enables iRecord Pro to be connected to a PC through its USB device port and manages the various operations   More...

iRecord Pro Desktop 3.0.2 (For Intel based Mac)
December 06, 2012

iRecord Pro Desktop enables iRecord Pro to be connected to a Macintosh through its USB device port. It manages various operations such as recording analog AV contents to PC/Mac hard drive, etc.

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. * Remove previous iRecord Pro desktop version before installing the new . (For Mac users only)
   iRecord Pro User Manual

iRecord Pro User Manual
July 8, 2008

This manual covers iRecord Pro operations and features.

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How To Videos

How to record from a DVD


How to Update iRecord Firmware

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How to transfer data from iPod to iTunes


How to connect A/V cables

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How to download to iPhone/iTouch

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