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iRecord Desktop  

iRecord Desktop

iRecord Desktop is a companion software application for iRecord. It enables advanced features, like scheduled recording, and lets you customize various settings to make iRecord operate the way that you want. The latest version of iRecord Desktop is available free of charge to registered users in both Mac and Windows versions.


iRecord Desktop for Mac


For Mac


iRecord Desktop for Windows


For Windows


iRecord configurations

  • For Apple iPods you can have iRecord automatically update the iTunes database when new media is added to the iPod.
  • You can specify a maximum recording duration after which the iRecord will automatically stop recording.
  • The file split duration breaks long recordings into multiple files.
  • Select between MP3 and AAC audio recording formats
  • Set the bit rate for audio recordings
  • Set the number of seconds of silence that will be used to determine the start of a new track for audio recording

iRecord Desktop

  • Specify the name, date, time and duration for one or more recordings.
  • At the scheduled time iRecord will record the audio/video signal onto your iPod. The signal could be from a cable or satellite set top box, from terrestrial or satellite radio, or any other source that you can connect to iRecord. You can review and amend the schedule.
  • Note that scheduling is currently only available for iPods.

  • iRecord Desktop enables you to synchronize audio and video files from your iPod, or other USB device, with iTunes on your Windows or Mac computer. You can then make backups of your media, or transfer it to another device. Note that synchronization works only for iRecord recorded files.

iRecord updates

  • The iRecord platform is subject to a continuous improvement plan where new functions, features and support for new devices are made available to existing users through software upgrades.

  • iRecord Desktop simplifies the process of locating, downloading and installing updates to iRecord Desktop and the iRecord firmware.


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