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3G iPhone – latest target of iRecord® Pro

  iRecord Pro now records high fidelity Movies and Music directly to the 3G iPhone without the need of a computer    

Santa Clara, CA, August 25, 2008 – Streaming Networks today announced enhancements to the iRecord® Pro, including the support for direct recording to the 3G iPhone and iPod touch without the need of a computer. The iRecord Pro now supports the highest quality, full D1, H.264 video encoding, lossless audio compression, timed recording, live streaming, direct recording to Windows® PC or Macintosh® computer hard disks and transcoding of existing digital contents to portable media player(PMP) formats.


Using the iRecord Pro is easy. It connects via standard audio/video (AV) connectors to any TV, set-top-box, digital video recorder, camcorder, VCR, DVD player, cassette & LP player, or almost any similar AV source. With the simple press of a button, iRecord Pro records AV content directly onto your Apple® 3G iPhone, iPhone, iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod Nano, Sony® PSP, Walkman, Nokia® N95, N78 and other PMPs, USB flash drive, USB hard disk, Laptop, PC/Mac®.


“The higher resolution and larger screen size of iPhone has enabled consumers to enjoy high fidelity video content on-the-go, breaking free of the confines of the TV screens in a living room. This exceptional on-the-go video viewing experience demands a quick and easy way to transfer video and/or audio to the 3G iPhone. iRecord Pro fulfills this need”, says Dr. Ayub Khan, President & CEO of Streaming Networks. With the touch of a button, iRecord Pro can record movies and music from any analog source to almost any portable media player, in their native resolution, including the 3G iPhone, with small file sizes and stunning video quality.


iRecord Pro supports a full range of prosumer requested features, including full resolution D1 (720x480) video encoding. The timer feature of iRecord Pro enables recording for predefined durations. You can connect it to a PC or a MAC to record A/V content directly to a computer hard disk. The user can simultaneously watch/listen to what is being recorded on the same PC/Mac and/or stream the content to another machine for viewing. iRecord Pro can also transcode MPEG2 content to H.264, a popular PMP video format. Audio enthusiasts will love WAV & FLAC lossless audio recording by iRecord Pro. It uses NXP semiconductors VLIW media processor.


iRecord Pro is priced at $259.99 and is available for sale from www.irecord.com and from leading retailers and catalog merchants.


About Streaming Networks
Established in 2000, Streaming Networks designs, develops and manufactures innovative audio and video solutions as an OEM/ODM, and for its own products like the iRecord platform. Streaming Networks has extensive expertise in video and audio codecs, communications software, real-time programming, embedded hardware/software and system integration. For more information, visit: www.streaming-networks.com


Streaming Networks and its logo, iRecord and its logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Streaming Networks Corporation or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries. All other company and product names referenced here are trademarks of their respective companies and are respectfully acknowledged.


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