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Free Your Movies to iPad & iPhone 4 - iRecord Pro Does It Again!

Santa Clara, California, June 30, 2010
– Streaming Networks is announcing a new version of the iRecord® Pro (PMR-200) with integrated support for the Apple® iPad, iPhone 4, and iOS 4. Movies and music are now a breeze to install on these devices simply by pressing a single button. Take your new iPad or iPhone 4 to its maximum potential by making all your personal media, from CDs and DVDs, to Pandora® and Netflix® memberships, portable.

The new iRecord Pro is also backward compatible with all members of the iPod and iPhone family including the newest 5G iPod Nano. Existing iRecord Pro customers can have this same functionality with a software upgrade.

iRecord Pro offers something no other product on the market is capable of - direct, high quality recordings onto your iPad, from virtually any analog source. Now you can enjoy all of your favorite movies and music in high-fidelity on your iPad.

Using iRecord Pro is easy: connect iRecord Pro to your device via standard audio/video (AV) connectors to any TV, set-top-box (STB), DVR, camcorder, VCR, DVD, cassette and LP players, PC/Laptop/MAC, or just about any audio and video source. With one touch, iRecord Pro records directly to your choice of portable media player, offering an alternative to drag-and-drop and iTunes procedures.

In the absence of a portable media player, iRecord Pro can also record to any USB mass storage device: USB sticks and HDDs, as well as a range of mobile phones, and more.

Offering the best of both worlds, iRecord Pro offers consumers not only simplicity by recording with the simple push of a button, but professional high-end capabilities via our free software application – iRecord Desktop. Additional capabilities include video broadcasting/podcasting, video streaming over the internet, changing bit rates, lossless audio formats such as WAV, FLAC, and AAC, and many other functions.

iRecord Pro is available at a fraction of the cost and a multitude of times faster and easier to use than many other encoding solutions. “All the encoding solutions out there lack the support of direct recording onto the latest media players. Streaming Networks has once again addressed the media content transfer needs for recently released devices,” says Dr. Ayub Khan, CEO and President of Streaming Networks.




iRecord Pro is priced at $269.99. It can be ordered from www.iRecord.com and is available from leading retailers, catalogs, and on-line merchants. For current owners, the latest firmware is downloadable for $9.99 form www.iRecord.com.


About Streaming Networks


Established in 2000, Streaming Networks designs, develops and manufactures innovative audio and video solutions as an OEM/ODM, and for its own products such as iRecord®. Streaming Networks has numerous patents on video and audio technologies.

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