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One Touch™ iPad and iPhone Uploader for Apple iOS5

Santa Clara, California, January 26, 2012
At Macworld today, Streaming Networks announced a new version of the iRecord® Pro (PMR-203) with integrated support for the Apple® iPad 2, iPhone 4, and iOS 5. Users all over the globe can now upload a variety of their media, including favorite DVDs, VHS tapes, LP/cassettes, DVR content, and set-top box programs using One Touch and view them on any iDevice. 

iRecord is a self contained, easy to use product that works seamlessly with Apple iOS5 and does not require any additional software or conversion application. A user simply connects an audio/video source and an iDevice to the iRecord and then presses the One Touch Record button to automatically convert & upload the selected content to the iDevice. iRecord works out of the box, without the need of additional accessories.

  • Simple and Intuitive– iRecord is designed to enable any user to digitize, store and play their media by the press of a single button. No computer, complex applications or set up is required.

  • Unique product– iRecord is the only product in the market that works seamlessly with Apple® iOS5 to allow direct conversion of movies and music to iDevices. Uploaded content is available for instant viewing.

  • High Quality– iRecord generates high fidelity video and optimizes it for the display screens of iPad, iPhone, iPod, and other smart phones and tablets.

  • Professional Grade– iRecord offers high-end capabilities via Streaming Network’s free software – iRecord Desktop. Additional capabilities include video bit rate, resolution and frame rate control, broadcasting/podcasting, progressive format mode for media playback over the internet, selection of lossless audio formats such as WAV and FLAC, and many other functions.

  • Cost Effective– iRecord is available at a fraction of the cost of many other video encoding solutions that require either the purchase of expensive and complex applications or the use of video conversion services.

  • Global Ready– iRecord is designed to support NTSC, PAL and SECAM video standards and has a universal power supply.


iRecord works with iDevices in a non intrusive manner by allowing users to continue using their iPad during the recording and video transfer.

“Increasingly, people are demanding to watch their preferred media content on the go. Apple’s iDevice products make it easier to carry this content around and iRecord fills the gap by freeing the analog and digital videos to these iDevices,” says Dr. Ayub Khan, CEO and President of Streaming Networks.

iRecord is already enjoyed by tens of thousands of users and has been well reviewed (http://irecord.com/reviews.html). Some of the video demos can be found at http://www.irecord.com/videos.html.




iRecord Pro will be available on January 26th, 2012 and is priced at $269.99. It can be ordered from www.iRecord.com and is available from leading retailers, catalogs, and on-line merchants. For current owners of iRecord Pro, the latest firmware is downloadable for $29.99 from www.iRecord.com.




The new iRecord Pro is compatible with all products of the iPad, iPod and iPhone family including the newest 5G iPod nano. Existing iRecord Pro customers can have the new iOS5 support functionality with a software upgrade.


About Streaming Networks


Established in 2000, Streaming Networks designs, develops, and manufactures innovative audio and video solutions as an OEM/ODM and for its own products such as iRecord®. Streaming Networks has numerous patents on video and audio technologies.

iRecord is a trademark of Streaming Networks. All other brands or product names are property of their respective holders.


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